Posted by: Emily | April 5, 2011

Would you donate a kidney because of Facebook?!

When I think of Facebook, i think of social networking, advertising, and a public relations forum for businesses. Who knew that a simple status update could persuade someone to donate an organ!

According to Ragan’s PR Daily, a few months ago a woman posted a status about her husband needing a kidney transplant and that they needed a kidney with O blood type. She wasnt necessarily asking as in putting an AD in the paper, but was just hoping that somehow her prayer would be answered.

Luckily, a man saw the message and notified her that he would be willing to donate and had the correct blood type. The transplant was successful and both men alright.

Who knew that Facebook could be used for more than talking to your friends, and keeping up to date with local businesses and celebs. Today, social media and the internet can be used for just about anything, even finding an organ donor faster than ever before.

I wonder if this will change the way the waiting list for organs will work?! Could it be the newest and upcoming trend?



  1. Em, I didn’t know about this until I read your post! I agree with you, I never thought that Facebook would be anything more than a venue for people to be social, but this generous act goes to show that social medias have no limits of possibilities! I am curious to see if this will set a trend, like pay it forward! Good post, I’m glad I learned about this!

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  4. All I can say is Wow. I am shocked that she even got a response via Facebook. The man who did donate was very generous and its a shame we cant have more of these nice people in the world. I think it is interesting that she posted this on ad on facebook. It just reassures people how much the world is changing.

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  6. This is an amazing story!! I can’t believe this happened, and how amazing someone could be. The second I read this I went online to try and find an article about it to read more and am so amazed. This makes me question if I would ever do something like this. To think that Facebook could literally save someone’s life is so crazy!

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